Energy monitoring

The solution provide:

  • Multi-tenant energy monitoring
  • Data analysis translated into evective energy managment plan
  • Multi-tenant billing capabilities
  • Event/data logging
  • Verifying of the electrical system (quality & reliability)

Energy Managment System

A Smart Building is usually a complex structure that combines a variety

of consumption patterns and energy needs:

– Offices
– Hi-tech industry
– Shops & Restaurants
– Parking

A typical smart building requires a cohesive solution that incorporates:

  • Sub-metering
  • Energy management
  • Power Quality monitoring

Smart Building Implementations

Power Manager

Power Manager is an integrated Power Quality SCADA system for commercial, industrial, and utility power monitoring and control solution . The power Manager system provides real time SCADA monitoring and control system with predictive demand metering, advanced power quality, demand response, and carbon monitoring capabilities. Power Manageris an “Add-on Automation” solution that supports a wide range of Smt and other third party products to minimize installation and operational costs. TheexpertManagersystem provides a system for commercial and industrial customers to successfully monitor power quality, individually meter tenants or production areas, reduce energy demand, and reduce energy costs.

The Manager system is a Windows based SCADA System specifically designed to use industry standard, open protocols like OPC, Modbus, and DNP3.0. TheexpertManagersystem also features a scalable architecture with built-in mirrored redundancy. The expansion capability ranges from a single server with 500 data points to multiple servers with a large number of data points, distributed over a wide area communicating with thousands of devices. The system’s inherent communication ability provides exceptional performance: status changes from the field can reach an operator’s display in less than 2 seconds. With Smt’s predictive demand metering capability andpowermonitor’s system performance, this provides customers an opportunity to reduce electrical demand before the end of a utility demand period to reduce energy costs while also having access to waveform and power quality data.expertManageralso provides an integrated Web server option for customers that would like to leverage their Intranet or the Internet for data access and system control.