Industrial Automation

Control panels

Electric Control Panel

Motor Control Centers are suitable for operation of motors ranging from 0.5HP to 500 HP capacity.







We manufacture a wide range of Electrical Control Panels and power control panels that are known for their impeccable quality. These are available as LT & HT electrical control panels and synchronizing panels. Available in various sizes, the range can be customized as per the requirements of the clients. All panels are Engineered & Manufactured as per International standards. We have all in house testing facilities available with us.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Trouble free performance
  • Modular design
  • In house Testing facility
  • Approved by almost all clients & reputed consultants.

Data logger

  • The Smarter Solution
  • Versatile Measurement
  • Superior Data Storage and
  • Communications
  • The Environmental Solution
  • GeoLogger


  • For All Geotechnical Projects
  • The Industrial Solution
  • Datataker puts the eXtra into SMS…
  • CANbus, GPS and data acquisition
  • Channel Expansion Module



  • USB memory for easy data & program transfer
  • Dual Channel Isolation Technology
  • Serial ‘Smart Sensor’ port
  • User Definable allocation of memory size & mode
  • Web Interface
  • FTP for automatic data transfer
  • 1 SDI-12 input
  • Up to 6 Analog (± 30V) sensor inputs
  • 8 Flexible Digital channels

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panel 3












Access Automation has been providing PC based calibration and automation solutions in the areas of Process control and Factory Automation. We have been providing several solutions in association with many leading Test and Measuring and Instrument companies.







  • Create the System You Want
  • IT Department Approved
  • Easy to Use
  • Industry Leading Support
  • Security & stability
  • Customize for Your Needs

Central SCADA

Our integrated systems and Central SCADA  help organizations increase their efficiency, flexibility and communication capacity with other systems by developing complete and personalized solutions.


Integration of different types of PLCs , as well as collecting analog and digital signals. The following requirements were given for the new RTU device :

  • compatibility with different PLCs without additional costs (OPC servers, etc.)
  • possibility to plug in an intelligent IO modules (Modbus RTU, ASCII,..)
  • memory for historical database of recorded values
  • connection to the central application server using different communication media (Ethernet, GSM, ADSL)
  • possibility to build into the existing control cabinets – small space footprint
  • mechanical design that respects the industrial standards and requirements



Everything you need in one powerful, integrated, SCADA software solution

You can control, and analyze your data like never before.

Quickly Launch Your SCADA System Across
Any Number of Clients You can manage your entire SCADA system in one central location, and launch clients on individual machines with no direct installation required.
  • Web-Based: All you need is a web browser and Java
  • Installs in Minutes: Installation headaches are a thing of the past
  • Server Centric: Manage your entire system from one place
  • Powered by Databases: Supercharge your data with SQL databases
  • Cross Platform: Never worry about what operating system you use
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