Parking Guidance System

Parking Guidance System, PGS:






Parking Guidance System facilitates the process of searching an available parking
space in an innovative but visualable way.

Through a network of interconnected ultrasonic detectors and LED lights to indicate
occupancy of each parking space, with dynamic displays erected at arterial corridors
to show available amount and direction.

Networked ultrasonic detector above each parking space detects and captures realtime vehicle presence. Individually lighted LED indicator is installed ahead of the
detector. A green light signifies that space is vacant while a red light indicates that
the space is filled or already occupied. Blue light is specially designed for
handicapped space.





The PGS software uses the occupancy status of each ultrasonic detector to
continuously updates information on dynamic displays to direct patrons to available
parking spaces. Displays are strategically placed at park and floor entrance and
corridors, with which patrons can easily decide the right way to take.
The PC host software visualizes graphically status of each equipment in real-time,
and statistic reports can be generated to assist in managing the car park.


ParkingGuidanceSystemis anintelligent solution developedunderthe
unprecedented waveof urbanization nationwide. It presents in an

  • Stress
  • Time
  • Environment Impact:This system dramatically reduces the environmental impact that cars produce.The carbon monoxide’s release and fuel comsuption inside car park fall up to 60%.

caused during the search of parking.