6 Bands Cellphone WiFi Jammer

6 Bands Cellphone WiFi Jammer


Name: 6 Bands Cellphone WiFi Jammer
Features:Desktop 6 Bands Handbag Cell phone Jammer, Adjust Cellphone Wifi jammer, 4G Cellphone GPS Jammer.

  • 24/7/365 jamming even in a constant cooling system.
  • Each frequency channel can be controlled separately and simultaneously.
  • Totally with a 15 Watt high output power makes a more efficient jamming.
  • Shielding range can be up to 30 M.
  • Up to 7 bands frequency bands, including all the 4G 3G 2G cellular phone bands, with GPS or Bluetooth optional.

Product Details:

6 Bands Cellphone WiFi Jammer is a sophisticated high power desktop cellular phone GPS WiFi jammer. It can be used for all the worldwide network frequency system. It is the best choice for meeting room and testing room applications.

Type Output Port Frequency bands Output Watt Radius Range
Europe Asia 4G LTE800 780-830MHz 3.5Watt Up to 30meters
CDMA800 869-894MHz
GSM900 925-960MHz 3.5Watt
GSM1800 1805-1880MHz 2Watt
3G WCDMA 2110-2170Mhz 2Watt
WiFi 2.4Ghz 2400-2485MHz 2Watt
4G LTE2600 2620-2690MHz 2Watt
American 4G LTE700 725-770MHz 3.5Watt Up to 30meters
CDMA850 851-894MHz 3.5Watt
PHS1900 1920-1990MHz 2Watt
3G CDMA200 2110-2170MHz 2Watt
WiFi 2.4Ghz  2400-2485MHz 2Watt
4G LTE 2300 2300-2400MHz 2Watt
• Satellite communication systems
• Thuraya Iridium Elipso Inmarsat GlobalStar
• Aces Odyssey GPS
• CDMA450 Cell phone System
Total Power 15watt
Power Supply AC:110/220 V   DC12V, Electric Current: 8A
Power Consumption 75watt
Shielding Radius Up to 40 meters, signal strength <= -68dbm
Device Weight 1.75 KG
Packing weight 3Kg
Size 32*11.5*5.5cm