Smart home

Smart home (we are G4 Smarthome partner and share holder)

Smart Finn offer a completed automation control for residential and commercial building, include lighting automation, Curtain Control, HVAC, LED Show control, Background Music, home appliance control, Energy management, safe and security, Remote control by Smart Phone, Pad or internet etc.

Even it is an automation control system that we might think it is complicated and expensive; it is really a simple and flexible system for installer, programmer and end user, different budgets are available for every income level and lifestyle.

Because of the strong ability of R&D, manufacturing, installation, debugging and technical training, Smartautomation is one of the leading manufacturers in Home/building automation and theatre lighting control system, Specially Smartautomation keep excellent technical development cooperation with partners all over the world, that speeds Smartautomation up to a international brand, until now, Smartautomation applied technical patents successfully for more than 60 products.

Please visit our company in Egypt ESS (Egyptian Smart Solution)