Solar Energy

Solar Power

Smart solutions with solar power


Smart Finn provides solar energy systems for targets with notable energy needs, such as real estates, farmsteads and residential buildings. Solar solutions help constructors, contractors, communities, organisations and investors gain efficient management of energy.

With careful analysis, Smart Automation designs and implements solar power solution that best fits for focal customer needs and requirements.

Solar power solutions for industrial and residential customers are usually always delivered as turnkey applications. Solution will be optimized and implemented in a way that provides maximum profitability with minimized payback time. During design phase, analysis and calculations for financial savings as well as pay back-time will be conducted. In addition, calculation for reduction of building carbon dioxide emission can be done.

Turnkey implementations include:

  • Systems design
  • Handling of necessary permits
  • Installation
  • Inspection, deployment and documentation
  • BOT

Solar panels have up to 25 year warranty (10 year product warranty, 12 year warranty for up to 90 % performance; 25 year warranty for up to 80 % performance). Solar system implementations are maintenance-free.